John Curtis Anderson

John Curtis Anderson is a singer-songwriter of original guitar & harmony laden folk-rock music that has a flavor of the 1960's.  He released his first CD (Steamboat Town) of original music in September 2011, followed by two singles in 2012 and five singles in 2013.  John's major musical influence is the music of the 60's and early 70's, and the positive youthful excitement of that era comes through in the songs he has written and in the music he is now releasing.

People who like the classic rock & folk music of the 1964 to 1972 era will quickly feel an affinity for his music. If you like Bob Dylan, The Byrds,The Turtles, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, Don McLean, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Peter Paul & Mary, Jimmy Buffett, and Dan Fogelberg, then you will instantly be at home with his songs.

John has been playing and performing since the age of 7 and has written over 30 songs. His main instrument is guitar but John also plays bass, keyboards, drums & harmonica.

John Curtis Anderson is a member of BMI and his music is distributed globally via CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, emusic and most other internet music sites.