Bluewinds Wav

John Curtis Anderson
Written by John Curtis Anderson



A song with good harmony on the refrain and words that paint more of a poetic mental picture and mood than they do tell a story, although it is about “returning homeward along to Aberdeen” - which could be any of the numerous US towns with that name - or the namesake Aberdeen in Scotland.



Words & Music by John Curtis Anderson     © 2011 John Curtis Anderson


Verse 1

Me & Ivan went off drivin’                              On a fancy road Did you ever unload

There were lights as we were on our way to Pennsylvania

Was the ocean             and the postman      at the door today

If you’re ever away                                      Would you drop me off & pray


Refrain (sing twice)


Bluewinds on the goodnight side of the ridge

Old guitars and midnight rivers have saved my long lost friends

When I’m returning homeward along to Aberdeen


Repeat Refrain - Once


Verse 2

On the Raven’s cold gray heavans                            Was a story told of the centuries old

How the good and evil twirled so when the Earth was younger

All the heroes and the Nero’s sing their sons as one

If you’re comin’ undone                                             Don’t ya look into the sun

Repeat Refrain - Twice