Ghost Ship Writers Wav

John Curtis Anderson
Written by John Curtis Anderson


Ghost Ship Writers

The song Contrasts the creative process of writing books and songs - creating something new where nothing was before. I think the words flow well and paint a decent poetic mood or picture.  A good example of The Byrds meets Jimmy Buffett. 


Ghost Ship Writers

Words & Music by John Curtis Anderson     © 2011 John Curtis Anderson


Chasin ghost ship writers up a tall magnolia tree

They were driven to their writings        Was their hands that set them free

Searchin for a word that fits                While they look inside their isles & wits

And they never                                   And they never reach the end


Verse 1

Oh I was safe in salty Saint Marie                       Off the coast of what was once a sea

And the wind    And the rain    And the rocks      And the sea gulls proud

We were both engaged in writing lies                  Me a song and him a book so wise

That the world would stop and cherish                Another paperback on the shelf

We were both deceived in what we saw              But we both agreed on the strength of the call

And to Make                                                       Something new where nothing was

Repeat Refrain



Verse 2

Before the greats of Monday                     Turn to Tues-day afternoon

There’s a bridge on which they travel        With good fortune and the moon


Mini Bridge

Read the words of William Penn                And a thousand other ancient men

And their lines                                           Are the proof of what they were

Repeat Refrain