Leavin' (2013 Remix)

John Curtis Anderson
John Curtis Anderson


Leavin’ – Song Story

A lively and reflective song about saying goodbye to a friend who is moving far away.   The song has a catchy guitar laden introduction & middle with reflective lyrics and a solid harmony filled chorus. 

Some of the sentiments are poetically set forward in the verses such as:  “Pretend – we’ll pretend till we meet again…that our worlds are the same as when….we ran life often…side by side”, and “Feelin…the feelin’ that you’re reelin’..concealing some of your reason…don’t let needless worries fill your mind…so it goes…its sometimes empty and drawing closed….gather round cause the future knows…you’re with us as we are part of you”.

The refrain is: “Set out a course for tonight….send out a call and do it right….when its one for the road….we’ll have some laughs and say goodbye….don’t forget your season is longer…don’t you cry”. 

A message from the lyrics is that life is long so don’t cry when you are leaving one phase and moving to another – it is ok to feel sad and reflective, but remember everything you have experienced is part of you and those you have shared it with throughout your entire life.



Words & Music by John Curtis Anderson     © 2011 John Curtis Anderson

Verse 1

Leavin’                                                       Over & over you’re leavin’

We just found out and we’re here again           Remembering pleasant days gone by

Pretend                                                      We’ll pretend     till we         meet again

That our worlds are the        same as when      We ran life often      side by side


Set out a course for tonight                            Send out a call and do it right

When its one for the road                               We’ll have some laughs and say goodbye

Don’t forget your season is longer                     Don’t you cry

Verse 2

Feelin’                                                          The feelin’   that your        reelin’

Concealing some of your reason                         Don’t let needless worries fill your mind

So it goes                                                      Its sometimes empty   and       drawing closed

Gather round cause the future knows                 You’re with us as         we are part of you

Repeat Refrain


Repeat Refrain (Twice)