On The Plains Wav

John Curtis Anderson
Written by John Curtis Anderson


On The Plains

A love song about finding the “one with your song in her heart” - good harmony on the refrain. One message is that love is the same on the plains or the mountains, or in one city/country versus another.


On The Plains

Words & Music by John Curtis Anderson     © 2011 John Curtis Anderson

Verse 1

Have you ever gone walkin’ on                    Saturday Mornin’

Your hands in your pockets                        Your eyes on the ground

As you thought of a feeling                         You try to remember

The sweet smell of heather                         A kiss and a tear



It’s the same on the plains or the mountains

Your eyes meet they tell you you’ve found something quite rare

For a day or a lifetime            It’s all just a big rhyme

Search for the one with your song in her heart


Verse 2

Have you ever been to Houston                         Have you ever been to Paris

And seen the young women                              With smiles all their own

You can look right              You can look left      But no two are the same yet

That’s a fact of our times                                   That’s a fact of the world

Repeat Refrain


Verse 3

Have you ever said I love you                             Touched her & meant it

And felt the wonder           so few of us know

You smile and you turn round                            Your feet head for home ground

And memories of her love                                  Ahead and behind

Repeat Refrain (2 times)