Sadly For Annie Wav

John Curtis Anderson
Written by John Curtis Anderson


Sadly for Annie

This is somewhat of a Bluegrass song with a great Banjo component and good lyrics and harmony. The message is “despite relationship heartbreaks - you never lose yourself - so realize this and you’ll see - you will soon be free - and you’ll find that everything’s better all the time”. The last verse was my attempt at the time to always put something “heavy” in each song - today I almost deleted it and replaced it with a repeat of the first verse for this CD, but in the end left it as written.


Sadly For Annie


Words & Music by John Curtis Anderson     © 2011 John Curtis Anderson


Verse 1

Don’t play anything sadly now for Annie              The man she loved just turned and walked away

He didn’t even care enough to say good-bye      And now all she seems to wanta do is cry


Refrain 1

But your mind must not be grieved                For this loss you seem to feel

Cause you haven’t lost yourself at all you know

Realize this and you’ll see                            You will soon be free

And you’ll find that everything’s better all the time


Verse 2

See the girl sittin’ on the terrace                  Beth’s her name and she’s alone tonight

She wishes that her arms could be around her man        But he doesn’t wanta be too near right now


Refrain 2

But your mind must not be grieved                      For these hurts of love you found

Just be glad that there’s a reason there to feel

Realize this and you’ll see                                   You will soon be free

And you’ll find that everything’s better all the time



Verse 3

Look across the tile walk to Barry                         His mind is trapped by someone long ago

He claims he’ll never ever learn to love again      What a fool he is to feel that way so young

Repeat Refrain 1

Verse 4

See us all lookin’ in the mirror                                            If that’s us how come we can’t see our thoughts

I think there may be more than simply meets the eye       But I doubt that we can fully understand

Repeat Refrain 1