Steamboat Town Wav

John Curtis Anderson
Written by John Curtis Anderson


Steamboat Town

A song about living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and playing in a band that played the Ski Town circuit in Colorado. I have a long history with Steamboat Springs that goes back to 1959 up through multiple skiing trips there in the 1970’s. I remember well watching Franz Klammer win the Olympic downhill in 1976 from a bar in Steamboat Springs - the kind of bar this song is about. The first verse line of “friends & food and a warm fire burning till dawn” really is a general minds eye recollection of being there in my 20‘s. 


Steamboat Town

Words & Music by John Curtis Anderson             © 2011 John Curtis Anderson

Verse 1 - Steamboat Town  Hey you're not around   and I'm missin' all the things that you are

Friends & food and a warm fire burnin’ till dawn

At ski cities where the women are pretty    It’s not so bad justa playin’ guitar

We’re on the road     but we’ll be there one of these days


Refrain - But you better not    walk all night alone    You better take that town on your own

Thinkin’ bout an old red barrr     and a tuned up Saturday night

But I’m guessin’ there’s a tall glass waitin’   and a whole crowd bakin’

And a cryin’ kind of feelin’ that’s a long time shakin’

every long lost title line ramblin’ through the ski town blues


Verse 2 - Now old hotels can pad the road so well      Crowded bars in  their cellars at night

A western room       and a country tune       and a fight

Daytime roamin’ with a waitress humin’     half the songs you were playin’ last night

She’s on your arm     but your history at the end of the week

Repeat Refrain


Repeat Refrain

Verse 3 - Headin' East with your mind at peace   but the drivin' is boring and hard

It’s gonna be good to be home in the woods for a while

Steamboat’s waitin’ and the morning’s breakin’      50 miles or so is all that we need

We’ll have a little rest then we’ll head out and do it again

Repeat Refrain plus part of the Refrain from (But I’m guessin‘) again & end