Sure is Nice in Arkansas

John Curtis Anderson
Lyrics & Music by John Curtis Anderson


I originally wrote this song in the late 1970's and recently updated the lyrics and music and decided to release my recording as a single.  It is a tribute song to Arkansas and living in Northern Arkansas say near Eureka Springs which is also known as the Switzerland of Arkansas for it's very hilly and picturesque terrain. 


Sure is Nice in Arkansas

Words & Music by John Curtis Anderson                         © 2012 John Curtis Anderson

For Dwayne & Linda

V1I’d been down in Dallas town                                        I’d lived there for a year 

I was workin’ on a job                                                         And gettin’ stressed & losin’ hair        

 A friend passin’ through   said you’re a fool                           You better get outa there

 Move a little North                                                               You’ll find it peaceful there

Refrain – Sure is nice in Arkansas                                         I moved there for my life

 You can understand your fellow man                                      And appreciate your life

If you’ve never loved an Ozark girl                                        There’s one a waitin’ there

And it sure is nice in Arkansas this year

V2 – Drivin’ down the road                                                   in my trusty   pickup truck     

With a load of wood     we’re feelin’ good                              There’s a sunset on the way

 You can watch the night     Cause the stars are bright             And the days are lazy there

 And before you know                                                           You won’t want to go no where


Repeat Refrain


Instrumental  Interlude

V3 – With a little fence    and common sense                          You can build your castle there

In Eureka Springs    You can spread your wings                        In the sweet   fresh   Ozark air

You can look across the valley                                                Drink the water from the ground

And be friends for life                                                             with the wife you take down there      


Repeat Refrain