Sweet Florida Ways Wav

John Curtis Anderson
Written by John Curtis Anderson


Sweet Florida Ways

A rockin’ song about living the simple life in Florida and partying with your friends. I’d love for Keith Urban to do this song.


Sweet Florida Ways

Words & Music by John Curtis Anderson     © 2011 John Curtis Anderson


Verse 1

Bouncin’ around in my truck over town                  It’s a livin’ I’m t ryin’ to make

Deliverin’ gas in bottles to plants                          Not exactly a glamorous line

But I can go real slow & let my feelings grow    and consider the state of the world

And I think of my friends    and the laughter we bend    all togethe   r at the end of the day 


Thinkin’ bout sweet sweet Florida ways                        Slowly rollin’ fine

Won’t you come on down     and bring your partyin’ gown      & we’ll cook out    on   all of our days

Thinkin’ bout sweet sweet Florida ways                        Slowly rollin’ fine

Grab a beer & some food     try to get renewed            It’s a good life just blowin’ away


Verse 2

Well this girl at my house             She sure fills out her blouse        and she loves me      so tender and warm

Yeah we met in the sun                 I think you know the one             I still think of her laughin’eyes

Well we don’t eat meat and not too much sweets                            And our waistlines are tan and their trim

Got a home full of plants              20 cats for the rats                     And we’re happy just sharing’ our days

Repeat Chorus


Mini Bridge

Way Down Home (Repeat 4 times)

(I’m Goin‘) - after first “Way Down Home”

Repeat Chorus


Blowin’ Away (8 times)  (with harmony)

(The Wind Is    4 times echo) - after 1st of “Blowin’ Away - first time without harmony

Fade to end