Take It Slow

John Curtis Anderson
Lyrics & Music by John Curtis Anderson


"Take It Slow" is a gentle song about a man that meets a girl on a train when he is 21.  They fall in love and have a relationship, however it ends and she moves away leaving him in Arizona.  The refrain repeats his philosophy of "taking things slow" and when she moves on to another man - he tells her "he'll be back when he goes".  The stroy continues of him finding a place near the border and her moving to Ohio and being happy & settled down.  He thinks (probably often) of leaving and seeking her out, but every time he decides to just stay put and to "take it slow".  The last verse continues that he may be crazy but he decides to just stay in Arizona and hope that she has found her home - perhaps contacts her and wishes her the best and to let him know if she is ever in a jam or needs help but he won't come see her unless her new relationship ends.  Instead he will just "Take It Slow".


Take It Slow

Words & Music by John Curtis Anderson                                       © 2012 John Curtis Anderson

V1I met you on the Railroad                                             I was only twenty one

I was on my own     Away from home                                     My life had just begun

Driftin’ out on the highway                                                    We had bluegrass in our blood

But the suns so strong   & our love went wrong                        And I think I have to rest

Chorus – Just take it slow                                                     Slow & easy goes hand in hand

Just take it slow                                                                   I’ll be back      when he goes

V2 – Found a place on the border                                         It was seventeen miles to town

I heard you moved to Ohio                                                   & were happy and settled down

But I cannot leave tomorrow                                                  Till I work here one more day

It’ll only bring me sorrow                                                       But you know I think I may

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental  Interlude

V3 – Well I guess I must be crazy                                         But I think I may be wise

To stay in Arizona                                                                   & look up on cloudless skies

Let it drift let it float on by                                                    I hope you found your home

Drop a card or a note   in case you’re ever broke                   & I know I am alone

Repeat Chorus Twice & End