Thanks For Bein' You Wav

John Curtis Anderson
Written by John Curtis Anderson


Thanks for Being You

A song that follows a man through life and how thankful he is for his partner “Ann” - good refrain and harmony - one of my favorite hooks - “Then you came along & its your heart that’s made me strong - I can feel it Ann - thanks for stayin’ - thanks for bein’ you.  The last verse reveals that Ann dies before him and he feels it is her heart that keeps him strong.


Thanks For Bein’ You

Words & Music by John Curtis Anderson    © 2011 John Curtis Anderson

Verse 1

Fifty Years ago today                                 I was a boy tryin’ to find myself a way

I was lost and alone in a great red stone covered valley

Times were harder things were rough      On the road in the life of a feather

As I polished the tears And I practiced the fears of an ocean

Chorus 1

Then you came along                              & it’s your heart that’s made me strong

I can feel it Ann Thanks for stayin’          Thanks for bein’ you

Verse 2

We grew older we grew well                     Like a mill in a New England forest

There’s a song that we’ve sung and it’s echoing still in the Cascade

Thinkin’ about it makes it live                   In the mind we can make it all happen

Just the way that it seemed at the end of the dream remember

Repeat Chorus 1 Two Times


Repeat Chorus 1 One Time

Verse 3

Now my hearin and my sight is kinda gray

Guess you could say     I’ve sort of outlived my day

I’m still hanging around               But I think that I’m bound for December

So let it come and let it go           We’re still dancing in the sun and in the snow

When I face the East and I think of peace              together


Chorus 2

Now you’ve come and you’ve gone

But it’s your heart that’s kept me strong I can feel it Ann

Thanks for stayin’                    Thanks for bein’ you

(Repeat Chorus 2 Four Times with words, Twice instrumental to End)