Time For A Change

John Curtis Anderson
John Curtis Anderson


“Time For A Change” is a reflective and positive love song laden with stereo acoustic guitar, tasteful harmony and a strong bass line.  The song tells the story of a young man who puts a silver dollar in a slot machine and hits the jackpot – he immediately decides to leave Los Angeles and take the next bus to Stowe Vermont where a love of his lives.  The song is very positive of Vermont and New England throughout. 

The song goes on to describe the beauty of walking with his love on the frozen river and breathing the chilled New England air while just enjoying being alive and in love.  The song then describes a small country store with a big black stove that is raging hot and he reflects on how easy it is now to remember what he had forgot – meaning his love and the Vermont lifestyle.

A lively piano and a reverb laden electric guitar support a strong bridge instrumental interlude.

The last verse projects farther into the future where he and his love are still walking on the frozen river and reflecting on how the years have passed and their love has grown with comfort & content – and he still thanks that silver dollar that he spent so long ago.


Time For A Change

Words & Music by John Curtis Anderson                         © 2013 John Curtis Anderson


V1I dropped a silver dollar in                                            And I pulled the handle down                             

Wheels went round   A siren rang                                          Looked like a fortune on the ground

I banked it in my pocket                                                         And I took the next bus East

To Stowe Vermont      Your house                                         And a woodland feast

Refrain1 – And it’s gettin’ kind of   low down time for a change   I think          

And this   LA feelin’ is   where it ain’t                                   And it’s where            

It’s Wherever   I’m     with you   tonight

V2 – Walkin’ on the river                                                       Cause it’s frozen half the year          

It’s nice to be together in the chilled New England air         

There’s a little store with a big black stove                             And a fire that’s raggin’ hot

And it’s so easy now to remember                                          What I had forgot

Repeat Refrain1

Instrumental  Interlude

Repeat Refrain 1 (And that LA feelin’)

V3 – Still walkin’ on the river                                                              Cause it’s frozen half the year          

Still nice to be together in the chilled New England air        

As the years have passed    and our love has grown               With comfort & content

I still thank    that silver dollar                                                That I  spent                                                     

Refrain2 (2X)–     And it was gettin’ kind of    low down time for a change I think

And that    LA feelin’ was where it ain’t                               And it’s where                       

It’s Wherever   I’m     with you tonight